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8 Reasons To Choose Aquatech

October 07, 20237 min read

I roll out 8 reasons why I have continued to use Aquatech to protect my cameras over the past two decades.!!

This is a question I literally get asked everyday on instagram DM’s… which housing should I buy?

And it’s sometimes a tough one to answer but by asking a few questions it will reveal what the best type of housing will fit your workflow…. And today I want to go through a few of those questions you need to ask yourself before investing one way or another.

I am obviously a fan of Aquatech for the reasons you will find out in this video and blog post, but I am also very aware of the great companies and humans around the globe that are making high level functioning water housings. 

And sometimes these brands maybe a better fit for you…. So the idea of this video is to help you work out which way to jump with your housing brand!

So this is the eight reasons I have continued to invest in Aquatech Housings.\

Number One:

Number one reason for my workflow is using a flash. I don’t use flash much for my surf photography, but I do use flash in the water with a lot of my commercial photography for brands and businesses. 

Now most of the brands do offer flash in their water housings but a fair few of them build the flash into the housing as a whole, so whether you are using flash or not you are swimming a way bigger housing than you need around, or you need a seperate housing for flash work than you do for non flash work and carrying two housings around is not an option I would like to entertain.

The flash system with Aquatech are also setup to run off camera cords to take the flash away from the regular mount on top of the housing. This allows you to light up under the water in a split level situation, something that is super handy and underneath the surface is generally darker.

Taking the flash off the top of camera makes for more dynamic lighting. While on top of the camera is generally a flatter looking result.

Even if you don’t use flash now, by going with Aquatech you will have this option down the track as it can always be added to your setup. And if you want to take your water photography to a pro level then certain shoots will require flash.

Aquatech also offer remote trigger housings to give you the ability to fire multiple flash guns at once and this is a really fun thing to experiment with a set yourself apart from the pack… so there’s more about the use of flash with housings but lets just cut it off there a state that Aquatech is definitely leading the way in water housing flash photography and this is a strong reason why I am still using them for my work.

Number Two:

is the Aquatech’s versatility.

The actual housing is the same throughout their models. So this housing is for the Canon R5 but if I want to use a Sony mirrorless camera in it I wouldn’t need to get a whole new housing I would just get a conversion kit which comprises mainly of just this backplate and I would be able to change over. Or convert your Canon R5 to your R6. The lens ports are the same, the thread to screw in your lens ports to any Aquatech housing have been exactly the same for the past 3 generations of Aquatech housings. So interchanging all the gear is fairly seamless and compatible for the most part and this has helped me a lot in the past.

Number Three:

Resale,  Aquatech is a well known and respected brand in the industry so when putting up the old gear for sale there is an immediate trust in the product. As mentioned in point two the fact that their gear is so compatible with lens ports and extras like pistol grips and mounts  will make it easier to move your gear and because the gear lasts so long your resale value will be still pretty high.

Number Four:

Auto focus… the pistol grip trigger and the regular top focus button is so responsive and accurate. To people who haven’t done much water photography before, let me tell you this is a huge advantage in the water where focusing is much harder than it is on land. Having a system that gets it right is so crucial when capturing that decisive moment in the surf. That hero shot you missed will be worth more than the housing costs in some cases so using the brand that will give me the best chance of nailing that hero shot is of the most importance. Personally I cannot compromise on this at all.

Number Five:

massive range of lens ports to fit pretty much every lens, they even make new ports when Canon brought out the massive 11-24mm Ultra massive dome. I don’t think there is a lens out there that won’t somehow fit in the Aquatech lens ports, and if there is its going to be a pretty obscure one . The Extender system is great and I use them all the time so I only need one flat port and one dome port and then use their range of extenders to fit all of my lenses. And as I mentioned earlier the lens ports will cross over to their entire range of housings for the last 3 generations, so even if you swap your housing type over like I did recently all of your older lenses ports will still be good to go.

Number Six:

reliable - never missed a beat, never had a leak. Over 20 years of shooting in the water Aquatech have kept all my cameras dry. I know that a drowned camera with any brand happens from time to time, but from the stories Ive heard it has almost always been user error, whether that is with Aquatech or any of the other brands. But the fact that I have done literally thousands of water shoots with this brand and had no incidents then I’m going to stick to the brand that has had me covered for so long.

Number Seven:

New orders are delivered super quick, I got this housing in two days from making the online order. The housing service turnaround in Australia is super speedy and well priced and I know the team in Australia with Izzac and Eden are both super knowledgeable and connected with what the water photographers want and the challenges they face. Having good people inside the brand is key to loyalty for me and that’s yet another reason while I am still with them.

Number Eight:

and lets make this the final one for today is the way that they feel in your hands.

You Are going to be gripping on to these things in challenging conditions at times and having that comfort in your hands surprisingly makes a huge difference. I feel like they have done a tonne research and testing to get this right. Ive picked up many housings over the years and they just don’t feel as good in the hands and this can lead to fatigue In the water during long sessions. When the water is cold when the day is getting long you will be glad to have an ergonomically designed housing with you and gotta say that is even better with this new Edge housing.

So I definitely encourage you to do your own research and see which aspects are most important to you. Obviously I can only come in from my perspective and from the feedback I get from my water photographer course members and peers and that perspective is what I have offered to you today.

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