6 month 1 on 1 program dedicated to surpassing your dreams & goals with photography

6 month1 on1 program dedicated to surpassing your dreams & goals with photography

This is only for the committed photographer that is ready to go beyond "the normal" with their craft


Beyond The Horizon: Advanced Photography Mentorship


What To Expect Inside The 6 Month Program

  • 12 intensive sessions over a 6 month period (1.5 hour video call every 2 weeks)

  • Tailor made curriculum to your goals (professional or personal photography goals)

  • Photo feedback and Accountability coaching

  • Measurable improvements with your photography game


Before vs After The 6 Month Program


  • Creative Blocks

  • Lack of Clarity.

  • Lack of confidence in self or camera.

  • Technique & Editing Issues.

  • Unsure Of Your Place In Photography.


  • Over flowing with ideas & inspiration

  • Gain a clear direction - a path forward

  • Increased self worth & confidence.

  • Camera & Editing Confidence.

  • Develop Your Own Unique Style.

The Basis For Your 6 Month Program

Photo Feeback

Photo feedback is the best way to monitor your progress and improve with each shoot. So many lessons can be learnt from an image review

Post Editing Guidance

Precise and intentional Post editing is a large part of your success. Part of every session will be dedicated to this aspect.

Creative Development

Once you get your technique down, the only thing that will seperate you from the pack in your own vision and creativity, we will be intensionally working on this.


Having a session every two weeks will keep your learning consistent and force you to be more consistent with your photography. This moves the needle more than anything!


Us humans work best when we are held accountable. One of the benefits of committing to this program is you will be committing to your own growth.

Personal Support

I going to be there with your journey, supporting every step of the way and gunning for your success and improvement as if it was my own journey.

let's go!

Has your time come to uplevel your photography in a big way?

After many requests we are stoked to open up a couple of positions per year for for One On One photography coaching that will roll out over a 6 month period.

If you are ready to rise well above the normal and take your photography world to a new level then please use the "apply now" button below. Limited positions available.


Meet Tom

My name is Tom Woods, I have been a full time professional photographer since 2004 and have been teaching photography online since 2019. Passing on my knowledge - inspiring others and watching them grow as people and photographers under my tuition has been the highlight of my professional life.

I am now more keen than ever to go even deeper with the education and get even bigger transformations with my students, Please reach out anytime with questions


Are any of these you?

Keen BEGINNER That wants results now

Aspiring professional

The professional that wants to get more work

needs assistance to get to next level

Not progressing fast enough

Motivated and driven human that loves to succeed

water photographer that has big goals and dreams

lacking confidence and focus


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it upfront payment in full or pay as you go? 

We now have 3 options for payment - Upfront - 6 monthly instalments and split payment (one now and one in 3 months). When you have been approved you will get the info page with these 3 payment options to review.

What tech/app will I need to participate in the video meetings

I use a video calling software called Riverside, You don't need to download anything at all, just click on a link I send you for each session, however it does work best with a Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. If for some reason you haven't got or can't install one of these browsers we can work it out another way, but nothing is required to download on your end, just a internet connection.

What time will my sessions be on?

Once you have joined I will send you a calendar with all my available times on it. My days will generally be open every day except for Sundays. So you choose the time that suits you.

Does it have to be completed in 6 months exactly?

No, basically you will be signed up for 12 sessions. You can condense these sessions into shorter time frame and complete early, or if we go over the 6 months that is perfectly fine. You will get all 12 sessions!! (recommended time frame is 6 months however)

Here's what you get:

  • 1 ON 1 Specialised Coaching

  • 12 live video calls over 6 months

  • Tailor made curriculum shaped to your goals

  • My dedication to your success as a great photographer

Today Just

$200 per session ($2,400 AU) for the full 6 month transformation - **NOTE that we now have a monthly payment plan that can be viewed upon approval

Beyond The Horizon: Advanced Photography Mentorship

Apply to enrol below!

Your Time To Step Up To The Next Level - No Matter Where You Are At Now You Can Always Go Higher

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